Introduction Edit

CorruptedGreed is a player on 9b9t, the edgiest minecraft server. He has been on the server since June 24th and knows a lot of the other players of the community. In his early days he was known for being in the notorious team Destiny and for his activity on the server.

Early Life Edit

June 24th, 2016. CorruptedGreed stumbled out of spawn and found himself an acacia biome. There were only 4 people on at the time. Greed mined himself full iron armor, and also got a food supply of rotten flesh going (when mob spawns were more frequent). Little did he know, he would soon meet his demise after falling into a ravine and having a creeper at the bottom of it blow him up.

June 26th, 2016. Corrupted returned to the server, but this time with a friend, Billyk222. They both wandered off into a plains biome and made a dirt hunt, slaughtering animals for food. They then moved to a Mesa Village further north and based there for a little bit.

Soon after that, Corrupted met a player by the name of MaybeUrMum (back then known as_DemonD0gie_) on the Z+ overworld highway. He coincidentally had the same shield that him and Billy had made early. Greed later found out that Billy was actually killed by Demon that day. Demon agreed not to kill Corrupted and they both went onto spawn. Later after that, a team named "Destiny" would soon be forged.

Demon's Sanctuary Edit

BongRipper69,TrashTalkinq Sanc Screeny

This was a screenshot taken on June 26th by reddit user u/BongRipper69_ (aka TrashTalkinq/BongRipper69) and uploaded as "proof he was not a newfag". Post link:

Demon's Sanctuary was a place located near 0,300. It was referred to as the "second exit" for being, of course, the second exit on the Z+ highway. It was a place for Demon & Greed to farm food, and to get new players into a group. Corrupted ended up getting around 2 stacks of melons before heading to his new base. Over the course of it's lifetime the Sanctuary had been lava casted many times, until it had finally been buried underneath the cobble monster of TrashTalkinq.

FlaShBaK's Castle Edit


The build referred to as, "FlaShBaK's Castle" was a stone brick monument located at 0 500. It was also known as the third exit. It was built by FlaShBaK on the first day of the server. Corrupted would often stop by the place and repair any damages to it. He did this for a long time. The castle lasted for a good amount of time until the 11/11 dupe, where it was easily prone to griefs by withers and triggered Nemesis members. In addition to this, the entire castle was remade from obsidian, buried under cobblestone and sliced in half to due chunk regeneration.